Hi, I'm Rafat. I speak in sketches.

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Corruption, main trending topics, government decisions, strikes and people revolution.

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Freedom of choice, speech, and beliefs.

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The Palestinian fight against occupation. Hunger strikes, prisoners, and refugees.

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Our addictive behaviour, relationships, and the virtual world.

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NOV 18

Honorable Mention

III International Exhibition of Graphic
Humor - Brazil
THEME: Literature

APR 17

Honorable Mention

10th Don Quichotte International
Cartoon Contest-Turkey
THEME: Respect Difference

JAN 17

Best Cartoon

The 6th Sawaleif Literary
cartoon contest

MAR 16

Best Cartoon

King Hussein Cancer Center
THEME: Against Smoking

DEC 15

Best Cartoon

Roy`a TV
THEME: Violence against women

NOV 15

Best Cartoon

Jordan Breast Cancer Program
THEME: Cancer


I find it tricky and hard to introduce myself, luckily, humans have been practicing storytelling for thousands of years, so, here are 10 facts about me.

First things first, my
name is رأفت not رفعت.
I speak fast when I am
excited, in fact, nobody
understands something.
My profession was a network engineer but later I decided that UX design is the thing I want to do.
Regardless the fact that I was
born in July, my favorite
number is 7.
I'm not waiting for
a motivation, I believe in commitment.
People who laugh
in catastrophes really
annoys me.
I carefully choose my battles. Here is something to watch in this regard.
I have watched
Gladiator 5 times.
If I had one hour to live,
I would spend it in reading

years of dedication

UX Design work

Like this site? Thanks, I built it.
Have a look at my portfolio
in the web design field.


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Editorial Cartoons

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UX Design

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